Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie is a new addition to The Offenders who can't seem to differentiate his ass from his mouth.

Anthony Mackie
Summary of offenses
Racist? Apologist
Anti-Feminist? Misogynist
Homophobe? n/a
Alleged Rapist? n/a
Other 1 DWI
Other 2 Unknown
Other 3 Unknown

He knows a lot about women.

Anthony Mackie has had some weird ass opinions about women for a while now. He wants you to make him a sandwich and call him daddy. He thinks that smart, regular, down to earth women who can take care of their man are hard to find and you definitely will not find them in a celebrity.

We were all rooting for you.

Wont someone please think of the white people.

Believes dreadlocks lead to racial profiling and that black men with dreadlocks are part of the "problem". Watch The First 48! You'll see that the problem is dreadlocks and definitely not white media.

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