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Sadly your 'Bodak Yellow' rapper isn't good after all. Cardi B has tweeted and said some transphobic, homophobic, racist shit and should be cancelled.

Receipt #1

In a video she tweeted out[1], she joked about rape involving a trans person using transphobic slurs. Naturally, she didn't apologise.

Receipt #2

Calls dark-skinned black woman "roaches[2]"???? The fuck???

Receipt #3

She literally exoticises the Middle East in her Bodak Yellow music video[3]. Please take note that this song that is currently breaking records but really shouldn't.

Receipt #4

Called Kim Jong Un "Won Tung Soup[4]", and no matter whether he's dangerous and an enemy, it's still not right to mock Asian culture as a whole through this.

Receipt #5

Used a homophobic slur[5] against a fan. Big yikes.