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Cassandra Clare has a documented history of plagiarism, free laptop scandals, cyberbullying and generally being an awful person. Check all links provided for some of the best popcorn wank ever.

Plagiarism history in the Harry Potter fandom

Cassandra Clare
Summary of offenses
Racist? Unknown
Anti-Feminist? Unknown
Homophobe? Unknown
Alleged Rapist? Unknown
Other 1 Plagiarist
Other 2 Bully
Other 3 Professional victim

Cassie Clare famously ripped off a whole bunch of movies, books and TV shows for her fanfiction trilogy. She lifted entire pages of material without citation and spat out her pacifier when she got called out on it.

See the Fanlore page with links to the original bad_penny take-down, including wayback links, for the full rundown complete with examples.

Profiteering and Laptopgate

She accepted various monetary and material rewards for her writing, and often encouraged donations and the sending of gifts. She is also reported to have attempted to open a CafePress selling products related to her Lord of the Rings fanfiction, despite not having permission from Tolkien's estate to do so.

Another way she profited was the donation of brand new laptops after hers and her roommates' laptops were allegedly stolen during her time in the Harry Potter fandom. Way more money than was necessary was solicited from Cassie's fans, with a vague promise that any excess would be given to charity. No receipts for that donation were ever given. See the Fanlore page and the Fan History rundown for the whole train-wreck of a story (bring extra popcorn).

Playing a Mean Girl role during the MsScribe fandom scandal

Seriously, put aside some time with a coffee and all the popcorn in the world, because the MsScribe story is one hell of a read. Check it out here in the wayback machine.

History and current habit of bullying

Cassandra Clare was viewed by many as a patron saint of anti-bullying after a long ass post she wrote one convenient October (anti-bullying month), but the Fanlore, Fan History and MsScribe posts go a long way to laugh in her face about that one. As if that wasn't enough, an ONTD post documents a blog made by a woman named Sinead, who wrote up her own account of Cassandra Clare's fantastic personality in response to the anti-bullying post.

Her post wasn't just to make herself look good, or to abuse paragraphs (or lack of 'em) - she was taking a job at an "anti-Semitic" blog that posted examples of her past plagiarism and shitty behavior. Check out their rebuttal here.

She's also a dick to her fans on a regular basis. A tumblr user grabbed screenshots of a series of tweets showing just how much Cassie loves her fans.