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Chris Evans is just a dude being a bro. Evans hails from Boston, Massachusetts and was born on June 13, 1981. His astological sign is Gemini. Evans is an avid New England Patriots fan.

Chris Evans
Boston Dudebro Extraordinaire
Boston Dudebro Extraordinaire
Summary of offenses
Racist? n/a
Anti-Feminist? n/a
Homophobe? no
Alleged Rapist? n/a
Other 1 who cares? If it’s over and done with then there’s no problem and they were jokes
Other 2 Unknown
Other 3 Unknown


Living up to his fratboy image, during an interview the Buddhist found the misogynistic jokes his bridge troll co-star made absolutely hilarious, joining in saying that she was a "complete whore" "leading everyone on". He's already apologized, seems sincere enough