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Create a page by copying

Easiest way is to c/p the source code from an existing page. Go to a page, click Edit, then open the dropdown menu ("hamburger icon") and click Source Code. Copy that into the next page you create and modify to fit your needs.

Create a brand new page

1. Find a photo where their face resembles the contents of their soul.

2. Rename the photo to the "TaylorSwift.jpg" format and upload to Special:NewFiles.

3. Click Contribute (top right) and add the page.

4. In the editing view, click Insert, then Template. Search for "Infobox" and select the template.

5. Double-click the Infobox and fill in the form. Type out TaylorSwift.jpg under Image and set the width to 200.

6. Add receipts with links to ONTD posts. Make it readable.

7. Add appropriate tags. Add at least the Browse tag to all articles. Click save.