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Hulk Hogan
when you read FBI crime statistics
when you read FBI crime statistics
Summary of offenses
Racist? Send 'em all back to Africa
Anti-Feminist? Unknown
Homophobe? Hell yeah brotherrrr
Alleged Rapist? Unknown
Other 1 Unknown
Other 2 Unknown
Other 3 Unknown

Hulk Hogan is a singer/songwriter from Honolulu, Hawaii

Summary of problematic receipts

It's not like wrestling has ever pussied away from racism, but Hulk Hogan does it with flair. When not busy getting fired, Hogan spends his time whiping his as with online-toiletpaper like (((Gawker))), being an allround cool guy


Don't let his orange tan make you mistake him for a person of color. Hulk Hogan is very white and extremely based. Not that he thinks slinging slurs is wrong. in fact it's very cool. 


Not only did a leaked tape reveal that he finna dab on inferior races, but also on sodomites.

Receipts 3