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Your classic straight white boy who thinks he's really cool but he just really isn't. He was on Bizaardvark. That's not cool, bro.

Buzzfeed, being a true ally, has conjured up a list of problematic tweets[1] from both Jake and his brother Logan, who also has an embarrassing hairstyle to match the fact they have a first name for a surname. In this list alone, Jake demonstrates sexism, ableism, racism, skinny-shaming, and complete ignorance. I'm not surprised tbh. His "wife" is as fake as whenever he says he cares for his fans. 

Jake Paul's vocabulary does not seem to include "safety", "privacy", "respect", or even "neighbor", which I think his mind autocorrects to "doesn't exist". He and his stupid-ass Team Ben 10 friends and idiot fans would light their own backyard on fire, jump on cars that include not their own, yell, make horn noises, and overall be a public disturbance to their neighbors. From this news, Disney actually fired Paul from their show Bizaardvark, and thank fuck because if I had a kid I wouldn't want them to see his dumbass face ever. 

Also, leaked video from 2015 shows Paul dropping the n-slur twice[2] during a freestyle rap. Nothing says "Jake Paul" like choosing to say a racist slur twice in a craft that we all know he will never be better in than the less self-centered Kanye West.