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A rapist who also did some acting on the side. His career got fucking slaughtered. Good, because I can't stand him.

"Surprise! I assault little boys!"

In October 2017, actor Anthony Rapp alleged that Kevin Rapey - oops, I meant Spacey - oh no, I did mean Rapey - made a sexual advance on him when Rapp was 14; Spacey was 27. King Rapey wrote back with another one of those infamous "non-apologies" that celebrities often do, saying that he couldn't remember the encounter, but would've been drunk anyway... How do you know you were drunk, Kevin, when you can't remember it, Kevin? Hmm, Kevin?

Of course, with this non-apology, Rapey came out as gay, trying to make us sympathise with him. But that's not how it works, Kevin. Sexuality doesn't excuse assault, Kevin. You're a bitch, Kevin, no matter how much you like boys. Kevin.

More people came forward with more accusations of abuse and sexual assault, including eight people who worked on his dumbass show House of Farts. Rapey was then fired from the show, as well as his upcoming movie being shelved and his role in another being deleted and replaced by another actor, aaaaand his publicist and talent agency firing him, aaaaaand his International Emmy Founders Award being taken away from him. So yeah, Kevin is no longer invited and we couldn't care even less.