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Scarlett Johansson is one of the many faces of white feminism.

Scarlett Johansson
all that money, the money is the motive
all that money, the money is the motive
Summary of offenses
Racist? microagressions up the wazoo
Anti-Feminist? "im not a feminist" feminist
Homophobe? transphobic (playing trans man in upcoming film)
Alleged Rapist? n/a
Other 1 israeli supporter
Other 2 Unknown
Other 3 Unknown

So what is the truth?

It's debatable whether or not Scarlett is horribly problematic or the stupid shit she's agreed to do is, but it's fair to say she's guilty by association.

Scarlett is also in cahoots with SodaStream, an "ethical and environmentally friendly" corporation that operates on land in which Palestinian Bedouins were forcibly expelled (see:hypocrisy). Unlike the other shit money has led her to do, we know that Scarlett is completely aware of their aint-shitness and even supports it.

Let's not forget that she cares more about her Google alerts than the victims of sexual abuse speaking out.