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Taylor Swift
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Summary of offenses
Racist? Tonedeaf
Anti-Feminist? FFFFFFeminist/quiet donator
Homophobe? No
Alleged Rapist? victim
Other 1 Unknown
Other 2 Unknown
Other 3 Unknown

Taylor Swift our times greatest supporter of women . Taylor was definitely problematic in her youth but has since grown to be less so. She is still petty as hell[1]

Summary of problematic receipts

This post lists Taylor's greatest hits (pre-Minaj feud). 

Receipts 1

Taylor posing with a guest sporting a swastika tshirt

Taylor poses with a guest at Katy Perry's birthday party in 2009.

Blackface user Julianne Hough claims that she wrote "JH" on Taylor's dress. Nice try. We all know it stands for "Jew Hater".

Receipts 2



Taylor Swift - pictures to burn (lyrics)


Taylor used problematic language in songs during her early career both misogynistic and homophobic. She has since voice regret and no longer preforms the songs[2]

Receipts 3

Taylor was a victim of a radio djs groping. She sued him for $1 to make a point and donated her own money to victims of sexual assault[3]

She also donated to singer Ke$ha during her trial with her recording company's assault[4]